Moscato & Rosé 250ml, Box of 7 each


Moscato & Rosé 250ml, Box of 7 each


This box includes 7 Cans of Moscato and 7 Cans of Rosé


Tasting Notes

This dry, medium bodied blush wine is a blend of two of Nova Scotia’s primary varietals: L’Acadie Blanc and Maréchal Foch.

The resulting wine is bursting with delightful fruit flavours of candied apple, red currant, strawberry, and melon. The palate gives way to spice and notes of almond, and has a pleasing crisp finish.

Pair With

This Rosé is a wonderful sipping wine to be enjoyed chilled with friends or alongside summer-time cuisine of both seafood and lighter meats. Excellent with many pasta dishes. When in doubt of a wine to match your meal, you can always feel comfortable with Rosé.



Tasting Notes

This light, refreshing wine is crafted from 100% Nova Scotia grown New York Muscat grapes and showcases pink grapefruit on the nose along with notes of honeysuckle and peach blossom. The low alcohol, slight effervescence and fruity aromatics of this wine are perfect for any occasion. 

Pairs with

Fantastic pairing for brunches, picnics or afternoons on the beach. Serve as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to salad, curry or dessert. Enjoy chilled.