Tidal Bay


Tidal Bay

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Tasting Notes

Nova Scotia's Premiere White Wine. There is no other grape growing region like Nova Scotia. A wine with unique character, Tidal Bay brilliantly reflects its birthplace: the terroir, coastal breezes, cooler climate and our winemakers' world-class craftsmanship.

It is a blend of 6 different varieties: L'Acadie Blanc, Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc, Ortega, New York Muscat, and Chardonnay.

Our 2019 Tidal Bay offers aromas of peach and candied ginger, with hints of minerality and fresh grass after the rain. Flavours of green apple transition to notes of citrus that are bright yet elegant. While refreshingly crisp, the wine has a satisfying roundness that adds to the overall complexity.

Pair With

It is the perfect complement to Nova Scotia seafood or to share with friends.