Holiday Box


Holiday Box


Elevate your celebrations with our carefully curated wine selection—perfect for holiday parties, intimate dinners, and get-togethers with friends. Savour the moments with exceptional flavours, adding a touch of sophistication to every occasion. Cheers to memorable gatherings!

The box includes the following wines:

Brut Rosé (Sparkling Wines)
Our first traditional method Rosé, crafted from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Delicate, yet full of character, it showcases the unique terroir of our vineyard and the expertise of our winemakers. It offers decadent aromas of brioche along with bright and refreshing flavours of lemon zest, strawberry and apple blossom. 

Tidal Bay  (off-dry white)
Nova Scotia’s Premiere White Wine.  There is no other grape-growing region like Nova Scotia.  A wine with unique character, Tidal Bay brilliantly reflects its birthplace:  the terroir, coastal breezes, cooler climate and our winemakers’ world-class craftsmanship.  It has a distinctive brightness in the glass.  The nose is fresh yet complex.  The palate is dryish crisp, with body and fullness that lingers with every sip.  It is the perfect complement to Nova Scotia seafood or to share with friends.

Riesling (medium white)
This medium-sweet white wine exhibits intense pear and citrus fruit aromas such as bergamot, orange and lime. Its naturally high acidity and pronounced fruit flavours also lend this wine the potential to age gracefully. Pair it with white fish, pork as well as cheese and spicy Asian dishes.

Conversation Water (medium-sweet, lightly effervescent white)
This light, refreshing wine showcases pink grapefruit on the nose along with notes of honeysuckle and peach blossoms. The low alcohol, slight effervescence and fruity aromatics are perfect for any picnic, paired with cheese or just on its own. 

Castel ( dry red)
Rich, dense and deeply pigmented, this wine offers inviting herbaceous aromas of caraway and black pepper. A wine of distinction, it offers an expressive nose, a complex full body and a balanced palate of ripe fruit and integrated tannins. It pairs perfectly with grilled beef, game meats and roasted root vegetables.

Pomme d’Or Ice Cider  (sweet dessert wine)
This golden, burnt amber cepage is made from both old and new apple varieties grown locally in the Annapolis Valley. This wine displays complex notes of baked apple, apricot and caramel, with a long and sweet finish. Excellent with a variety of desserts and cheeses.